Up to Scandinavia : stage 5

Flensburg, Germany -> Copenhagen, Denmark
327 km dep: 09:50 arr: 16:40
Date: 25/07/2012
Weather: Sunny

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Even though that was the shortest distance I have covered so far, Denmark is so densely packed that I spent huge amounts of time going through villages. There is a notable change in architecture between Germany and Denmark I found. Some houses here even look a bit canadian.

The most interesting sight on the road was definately the Østbroen, a massive bridge that links the island of Funen to the island of Zealand (where Copenhagen is). The crossing happens in two part with both of them totalling over 13 kms. I obviously had to take it, but it was not cheap, about 15 Euros. According to my map, the only other way to get across the straight was on a ferry, which probably would have been more expensive and certainly less convenient.

Since the trip was so short I did not get to spend time around in a danish city yet. I just arrived in Copenhagen so I’ll report back on that later. So far, it looks promising. I also get to spend a day here, which is a welcomed break. Although I feel fine energy wise, my behind is in no good shape and in dire need for a day of rest at least.

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  1. Encore les fesses! Quel pont! J’en ai encore des souvenirs. Les éoliennes partout m’ont aussi impressionées en 89. J’imagine qu’il y en a encore plus.

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