Up to Scandinavia : stage 4

Groningen, The Netherlands -> Flensburg, Germany
474 km dep: 09:20 arr: 18:45
Date: 24/07/2012
Weather: Sunny

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The german country is a beautiful as the dutch one and also very similar, in fact, had it not been for the sign, I would have never known I had left the Netherlands. This time over, I was luckier with the road layout and managed to spend most of my time out of highways; I even had to cross a river (the Elbe?) on a ferry.

Overall the day was pretty uneventful, everything went according to plan and I got enough time in Flensburg to visit the city a bit. According to wikipedia, it is an independent town, which means it is not part of a more general form of government (like Monaco for instance). However, it does not form a country and most people I encoutered spoke German as far as I know. The only peculiarity was that prices where displayed both in Danish Crowns and Euros and that most written signs were bilingual. Flensburg being so close to the border, I can understand why it opted to remain independent: to get the best of both countries.

As soon as I exited the city, I stopped at a beach to take a swim, which ended up being only a footbath because the water was full of jellyfish. I still got to take a shower, which is honestly what I was looking for the most because unlike in France, the weather for the last few days had been really hot. The border was so close to the city that in no time I got into Denmark and found a nice and quiet rest area near Aabenraa.

There I am, in Scandinavia.

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  1. J’ai fait un parcours similaire de Gromingen a Copehenhage, mais par les autouroutes, via Bremen et Hambourg. Je me disais que à mon retour , un de ces jours, je passerais par la côte. Je vois que tu as fait ça. Bravo!

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