Climate change (again)

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I think we let ourselves carried over by the first’s commenters’s misconception about CO2. The debate (if there is to be one) should be about the post and in there, it’s indicated verbatim that CO2 isn’t toxic to humans and that it’s the greenhouse effect that is potentially harmful for the earth as a closed system.

Climate change is in my opinion part of a bigger issue: one of resource management. The earth can certainly afford a bit fossil fuel burning and resource usage as anyway, it will one day be engulfed by the heat of the sun as it expands towards its red giant state.

However, the alarming rate at which we are conducting those activities will very likely make us fall prey to Malthus’ law (population grows until ressources are all consummed, famine occurs and then population resorbs massively) very soon instead of us as a species living to see ourselves getting cooked by our star.
Technology (not policy) has certainly helped us averting that for while, but it won’t last forever if we keep consuming and growing like we are right now. As Carol Pullitzer clumsily suggested, it is not cars and industries that pollute and use resources, it’s humans; feel free to have you own conclusions about that, hers (birth control) is perfectly sound even if it is nowadays synonym with totalitarian policy.

And that is all simply because the earth is a closed system, and that  you cannot have infinite physical growth (economy of growth, yay!) inside a closed system. The earth is a balancing act, and we shall see return of pendulum sooner than expected if we keep going down that route.

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