Cable management

I recently found a nifty solution for the crippling problem of cable management. It might not be suitable for super computers but it does work for my desk.

It was built by screwing Ikea Antonius coat hangers to the underside of the desk using long enough wood screws. To give it a bit of stability, I used a hollow tube (like piping cut to length) for the hangers to sit on.

Here are a few pictures:

Simple and inexpensive…

Due to popular demand, here is a diagram I cooked up in paint that better explains the mounting mechanism. I have no particular suggestion for the length of the pipe except that it should be long enough for the hanger to clear the table (so you can slide the cables in). If my memory is correct, mine are 8cm. As for the screw, just make sure it is long enough so it can drive a good 2cm in the table.

Sorry for the lack of information, next time, I will be more thorough in my description and will take more pictures.

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  1. Yeah, I know about this, but they are somewhat expensive compared to this solution. On top of that, the Ikea was out of them at that time.

    Either way, this might give ideas people that do not have an Ikea nearby as I am pretty sure you can find coat hangers like the ones I used at any hardware store.

  2. See, what I want to know is what are those mounts you’re using for your monitors?? I’ve been looking for some good ones for awhile now and have had no luck :/

  3. Add another Nick to your list of people who would be very interested to hear more details about your monitor mounts.

    If anyone is interested on this style of cable management, but on a larger scale, check out Snake Trays. I’ve tamed many server rooms with those.

  4. That’s right Atdec is the brand. I got them for 99$ CDN each and they are of decent quality. I am just having a hard time getting them to sit perfectly straight because my desk (Ikea) has a hollow foam core. I guess a metal plate for added support would do the trick, I will try that in the future.

  5. Antonius-$4.99 Signum-$10.00
    Width: 20 ½ ” Length: 28 5/8 ”
    Height: 6 ” Width: 5 7/8 ”
    x x
    Width: 52 cm Length: 72.7 cm
    Height: 15 cm Width: 15 cm

  6. Allo Antoine! Fabuleux petit “hack” d’Ikea. Je te comprends. J’ai été programmeur analyste au public et au privé, et laisse moi te dire que c’est poche. ETK, bonne chance et une mention, je suis blogueur pour Apartment Therapy/Unplggd et je vais écrire un blogue sure ton truc! Je suis aussi Québecois, mais je vis au Taiwan pour le moment.

  7. Great solution, considering in Canada the Signum is $19.99 CDN and the Antonius is $4.99 CDN. (yeah I don’t get the pricing difference either).

  8. Pourrais-tu nous dire qui est le revendeur des produits atdec dans la région de montréal ?

  9. Hello from Portugal

    I have IKEA in my country and I checked the “ANTONIUS” Hanger with 6 knobs, but I have some doubts about the wood screews and also about the hollow tube you mention.

    I can’t see clearly on your pics…

    Could you be so kind and take some pics of the screws and the pipe so that I can buy all this and mount it on my desk?

    Many thanks in advance

  10. My company (based in Toronto) has sold many of those Adtec monitor stands for $125+tax CDN so if anyone wants ’em I can prolly source ’em and ship!
    Lemme know.

  11. The funny part is, that IKEA has its own cable management (SIGNUM)… but it sucks, and this solution is a LOT better!!

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