Beuchat / Uwatec Aladin PRO manual

Version française ici
Beauchat/Uwater Aladin PRO dive computerWhile buying some used kit on the classifieds, I was handed a grey Beuchat (later Uwatec [today Subapro]) Aladin PRO 3 button diving computer from the mid-nineties. Through a bit a research, I learned that it had first came out in 1988 and was still to this day revered by some in the diving community as a sturdy, reliable no-frills device. Obviously, the manual was no longer available for download and it’s only after asking someone (many thanks Geoff Nelson) on an old thread on scubaboard that I finally got it.

Download Aladin Pro Dive Computer Manual (English)


2 thoughts on “Beuchat / Uwatec Aladin PRO manual

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this. I bought one in 1989 and haddn’t used since 1991.
    Going to dive in Malta in April and apparently it still works!


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