Beuchat / Uwatec Aladin PRO manual

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Beauchat/Uwater Aladin PRO dive computerWhile buying some used kit on the classifieds, I was handed a grey Beuchat (later Uwatec [today Subapro]) Aladin PRO 3 button diving computer from the mid-nineties. Through a bit a research, I learned that it had first came out in 1988 and was still to this day revered by some in the diving community as a sturdy, reliable no-frills device. Obviously, the manual was no longer available for download and it’s only after asking someone (many thanks Geoff Nelson) on an old thread on scubaboard that I finally got it.

Download Aladin Pro Dive Computer Manual (English)


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  1. Thanks a lot for posting this. I bought one in 1989 and haddn’t used since 1991.
    Going to dive in Malta in April and apparently it still works!


  2. Thank you! Very happy to have found the manual. I just managed to get hold of refurbished ’91 model. Still being used by some of the respected commercial instructors in my area.

  3. You’re very welcome! I’ve used it as a backup for tech diving or have lent it to friends and it’s indeed a very capable dive computer.

  4. Thanks Antoine
    I got the Beuchat Aladin PRO form a friend as a gift. With no instructions. This will help me a lot!

  5. Buenas noches.
    Lo primero agradecete la publicación por que al verla me he animado a cambiar la bateria del aladin que lo tenia guardado hace más s de 15 años.
    Pero al ponerlo en funcionamiento se me ha quedado activado el modo buceo en altura tengo dos montañas en la pantalla he bajado a la costa y no se DESACTIVA ALTITUD.

    Sabrían decime alguien en el foro o tu como autor de la publicación COMO RESETEAR O DESACTIVAR MODO ALTITUD ❓❓❓❓

    Reciban un cordial saludo BUENAS INMERSIONES

  6. De nada!

    Si me acuerdo correctamente, elle modo de buceo en altura se configura automaticamente por el barometro interno. Puede ser que el barometro se ha descalibrado con el tiempo. Por supuesto, si bajo del agua la profundidad esta correcta, de utilisar el ordenator no es peligro. En realidad, es mas seguro porque ese modo de buceo es mas conservativo con la decompression y los limitades.

  7. Hey thank u for posting this. I have a question tho, Do u have a line on buying a new battery for this model? Last time I replaced it it came as a kit but I thing those are not available anymore… any ideas?

  8. You’re welcome. No I don’t have a source for replacement batteries. When I opened the compartment it did seem like a standard battery so maybe take it to a specialized battery store ?

  9. If it’s the version without the oil filled battery replacing the battery is a cinch. Just matched the old one at local electronics store and soldered it in.

  10. I just happened to replace mine and easily found a replacement at a local electronic parts store. All it took was a bit of soldering.

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