Motorbike Motorbike in Northern Vietnam Day 4 – Việt Quang to Sa Pa

Weather: Overcast with rain
Departure: 10h30
Arrival: 17h00
Date: 14/04/14

Except for a part spent on roads rendered very muddy because of the rain, it was an easy day of riding which got me to my destination quite early. Sa Pa is tourstic northern town built-up by the French as a resort but that has now transitionned into a basecamp for trekking around the region and visiting hilltribe villages.

My riding skills have now come match those of the Vietnamese I share the road with. Risky overtakings in curves, speeding in all road conditions and compulsive honking; it’s safer to ride with the traffic than against it. As paradoxical as it may sound, driving like a westerner is actually more dangerous as the locals won’t really be able to predict your behavior and will end up being very frustrating for you.

I might stay two nights in Sa Pa, I’m not sure, but at the moment, my ass really needs a break.

Up to Sa Pa
Up to Sa Pa

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