Up to Scandinavia: stage 9

Turku, Finland -> Helsinki, Finland
165.5 km dep: 08:35 arr: 13:30
Date: 31/07/2012
Weather: Sun and clouds

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That was not such a nice camping spot after all. What I tought was a nice camping spot ended up being really close to a quarry and around 7 am, heavy machinery started plowing dirt my way. I packed in a hurry and was on the road in no time direction Helsink. Since the distance was so short, I decided to take smaller roads so really, I was only less than 100 kms from the capital.

Still I would arrive in Helsinki too early so since I was about a 1000 kms overdue for an oil change, I went on the lookout for a motorcycle garage and soon found one that even had the required oil filter. In no time it was over but I could not stop but wonder what kind of garage I had gotten into: they were not only selling motorcycle and and other related equipments, they had a full alley devoted to barbecueing, kids toys and furniture and decoration which, interestingly enough was all themed white.

Now I am going out with another Canadian (whos on a “pilgrimage” to lake Bodom), a Senegalese and two Russians. Sorry for such a short post, they are waiting for me.

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  1. Tu entres en territoire neuf pour moi. Après Ludvika en Suède je suis retourné vers Paris. Je te lirai avec d’autant plus d’intérêt.

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