Finally, I can have ssh access from pretty much any computer on the planet! With *nix workstations, this usually was not a problem, but given the fact that the vast majority of personnal computers are running Windows and that their owners do not like you installing strange tools on them (putty), I was in need of finding a simple way to remotely log in to my server (without using telnet). After some searching, I found Ajaxterm, a simple python deamon that enables you to remotely login from a web browser using ajax. Its not ssh, but once I am in, I have the convenience of a fully working console from which I can use ssh.

Installation was easy as it was part of the Ubuntu package repository, but getting it to work securely over the Web was a bit more tricky as I had to cook up my own security certificates for an SSL access through apache.

As for the actual comfort of use, its limited in screen size and nowhere as fast as an actual ssh session but its convenience more than makes up for those downsides.

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