I do not agree

Whenever, I get in a new affectation, there is always a bunch of waivers and agreements to sign. They usually concern information systems or building security procedures, and exist just for the sake of putting the burden of responsibility on me in case I screw up or commit an infraction. I do not know about other administrative entities, but they are omnipresent where I work, and everybody that is about to spend his Monday to Friday here has to sign a few; its just part of the process. Now, these papers always end up with a statement in the form of ” I certify that I understand…” or “I am in full agreement with the policy…” after which there is a signature block that, when filled, turns the text into some sort of contract. For software, an End User License Agreement (EULA) is pretty much the same thing. Now, what if I tell the person handing me the next waiver that I do not agree and will not sign… With a software’s EULA, it just stops the installer but with an organisation, I wonder what will happen.

I guess its just like replying that your life sucks when someone asks you howdy, people just do not expect this to happen…

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