Down from Scandinavia : stage 15

Stage 15 – Berlin, Germany -> Nuremberg, Germany
480 km dep: 10:40 arr: 21:20
Date: 13/08/2012
Weather: Sun and clouds

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Again, not enough time to visit Berlin, the city is just too big and dense for even a full week of sightseeing and let alone just getting a taste of the life there. It lived up to my expectation in being both rich historically and (counter-)culturally as well as very fun.

My next destination was unknown until yesterday night when I decided to go to Nuremberg. Munich was definately my first pick but it being close to 650 kms away from Berlin, I really was not motivated enough to go that distance. Nuremberg then was the most obvious choice. I will get to discover the city in more details tomorrow, but it having had a very important role in Nazi Germany makes it look very promising.

As was expected, leaving Berlin took a good chunk of time, close to an hour an a half before I had entirely left the city. Afterwards, it was village after village after village but the roads in between being so nice as well as the inhabited areas themselves, I am not complaining and actually had a lot of fun driving today.

It is no wonder that the Germans have become known for designing quality automobiles. Their road system is outstanding and also very well maintained. Signalisation is plenty and can be trusted so if a turn comes, you know what to expect (an then take it at the appropriate speed :)). There are virtually no trucks and other vehicles, while they drive fast, are very respectful. With roads like these, driving becomes a pleasure; something that is very well reflected in their cars.

There is not much else to say besides that I strongly recommend visiting Germany by car if the chance comes your way.

2 Replies to “Down from Scandinavia : stage 15”

  1. Ah Berlin, quelle ville intéressante! J’y ai passé une semaine et je rêve d’y retourner un jour. En 2000 les traces de Berlin est étaient encore visibles. L’art est partout et quelle ouverture sur le monde. Je fus fort impressionné par ma visite d’une usine de Siemens. On y fabrique des turbines à gaz, celles qui motorisent les centrales électrique au gaz naturel de grande puissance. Mais ma curiosité fut comblée car à l’entrée de l’usine on montrait le prototype du premier moteur à réaction au monde. Là j’ai compris pourquoi les allemands étaient les champions, et le sont encore, dans l’usinage des mécaniques de précisions.

  2. J’ai pleuré quand j’ai visité un camp de concentration. Les allemands font de grandes choses, même dans l’horreur. C’est un mystère pour moi ce peuple.

    Bon ca fait deux heures que lis tes étapes 1 à 15. A demain!

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