Cool things do not happen by accident

No they don’t, just the shitty ones do because you rarely go out looking for bad things to happen to you.

If you want something cool to happen (I am not talking of a car, promotion or fame here but about creative ambitions), you have to set the optimal conditions. It will most likely not trigger it automatically, but at least you will up the chances of it happening by a fair amount. Be at the right places, talk with the right people, get youself known by those that might be interested in what you do but above anything stay focused and devote your energies to it. You will most likely not suceed at first, but you will most often have a foot in the door. The biggest effort is removing yourself from that semi-comfortable materialistic life, the rest is easy because at that point, it starts being cool already.

If you want to dance profesionnally (not that I do) then staying in an office just for the sake of financial comfort is most likely not going to cut it. I do not advise on quitting a well paying job to pursue any dream (some are worth it though), but what I would do is retargeting all your motivation and energy towards your ambition; in other words, quit the job emotionally. Stop caring about promotions, about fame, do things you like and for youself and stop worrying about money, you only need so much to be comfortable as creativity is mostly free.

This guy found a job refurbishing an old particle accelerator. If you read his blog a bit, you will find that it did not happen by accident.

I just encounter too many people stating have ambitions of being this or doing that. Then, when I ask them if they are doing anything to make it happen, they just reply they are too tired, don’t want to risk too much over it, or that they are just too lazy. If you are too lazy then it is not an ambition, if you are too tired then you are not investing your time an energy in at the righ place and you are afraid of risk, the only thing you are actually putting at stake is money, which, when all things come to an end, is only worth somthing to your descendants.

Take it with a grain of salt, nothing is absolute and there are as many ways to achieve as many things as there are ways not to achieve anything. I just think some have a better chance at working than others; either way.

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