Most of us think, but few of us have the audacity of sharing their thoughts with others, let alone on the World Wide Web. I created this site to be part of the latter group. A vocation that is two fold motivates this project: use it as an outlet for my thinking and pay my debt to the web. In between these two objectives lays the pleasure of sharing with others my opinions or things I though were interesting. Some may consider it to be worthless, that my sayings will drown in the sheer volume of intellectual content produced daily. Others will find it useless, that time is better spent on other occupations or that it is a lack of humility, for the activity of writing should be left to those who are certified to be competent. To all this I reply: “Then close your browser, or go navigate elsewhere”. And if you are still here then enjoy some bits of my mind, as I will try to publish some of them on this virtual space as much as my lifestyle permits.

One will find the content this website to be a reflection of me and will most likely encounter subjects that span various fields and themes. It does not matter, I try not to write for a public but only for my own pleasure. It might be computing, philosophy, art, anything, as long as I found it satisfied my intellect, was worthy of the application of it or made my day brighter. As time passes, this site should become more and more a solid bridge between my own world and the web, or a portal, if one prefers. Thus, I have divided this site in many sections that will each contain posts that are related to a certain field, the most important being the blog, which is, worthy of its title, for anything. Once this site has been functioning for a while, you might find project logs, articles, essays or just random posts; the collection should keep growing as long as I feel like adding to it.