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My name is Antoine, and I am the main author and maintainer of I recently graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and just like my peers, have said farewell to most my friends and moved on to join the march of those who work 8 to 5. My life is rather standard (not that I want to), I work in a job I dislike more and more as time goes by, overhear my share of futile inter-cubicle conversations and go home tired every evening to find out that it seems to always be Tuesday.

Despite the monotony, I still fight my daily battle against the fatality that I live in. The fatality of the modern and institutionalized world where I drove myself into it a few years ago, to later realize, one my senses were acute enough, that it was too late, and that I would get sucked in this vortex of superficiality. This vortex where countless other humans live their lives, in full acceptance of the modern paradigm that dictated regular income and the consequent material comfort was a necessity. There they derive, awaiting the moment of retirement as if it was the key to their liberty. Mind you, there are exceptions to this rule, as I often encounter individuals who seem to stand untouched by this phenomenon, either because of their own nature, or because they successfully extirpated their soul from it. While some of them live an existence of relative privation, they do all radiate an uncommon sense of satisfaction and peace.

For now, I feel contentment in saying that I have two jobs: one is recurrent, the other I do on my free time. That second work I entertain a special relationship with, as doing it out of an organisational context, constitutes my dream. That second work is creation, but more specifically, the creation of computer programs and electronic systems as those are the medias I fancy working with the most. Hopefully and if all goes according to plan, that creativity I should be able to make a living of, and work for my own self, and be responsible for my own material misfortune, and perhaps share my dream with a few of my friends. Then, on my free time, I will be able to invest myself in philosophy and philanthropy.

That battle I may capitulate from and accept my fate, I do not know what the future holds and have seen myself change so much in the last few years that predicting the outcome of this would be wasteful of my energy; I just see a faint light and I walk relentlessly towards it.

As you might have noticed by now (or not if I am that good), English is not my mother tongue: I am French Canadian. I write in English mostly because my passion, computing, is mainly transacted about in that language, but also because I do not want to restrict the potential public of this website, for the web is a place of sharing and sharing comes with certain compromises. That being said, this site will contain material in French, since I do like to write in this language and multilingualism is very subject to the use-it-or-loose-it rule.

This website and blog can be viewed as a bridge I made between my world and the web; whoever passes by and crosses over might find something of interest, something funny, or proceed to another page, outraged by what he just read, it does not matter to me ( The “about” section goes into greater depths regarding the “raison d’être” of this place. ) I created this site because I felt it would be great to finally have my own blog, but also because it was a necessary step for me to evolve in the right direction.


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