Most of us think, but few of us have the audacity of sharing their thoughts with others, let alone on the World Wide Web. I created this site to be part of the latter group. A vocation that is two fold motivates this project: first to use it as a journal and second as a way to do my share of all this meaningful content producing that has made the web what it is today. In between these two objectives lays the pleasure of sharing with others my opinions or things I though were interesting. One will find the content of this website to be a reflection of me and will most likely encounter subjects that span various fields and themes. It does not matter, I try not to write for a public first but only for my own pleasure and as much as my lifetime permits. It might be computing, philosophy, art, anything really, as long as I find it worth sharing. Hopefully, someone else or the future me will enjoy those bits of my mind.

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