Past author page (27 Nov 2015)

I am a reflection of the content you will find on this blog, a computer engineer, a programmer, a handyman, a tinkerer, a maker, a thinker, a traveller and many other things but not one in particular. Nowadays, I work for ARZA STUDIO, a cooperation of self-employed and like-minded inviduals and spend most of time solving business and technical issues as well as developping the tools that we use. However, this may very well change in the future but for the meantime, I find interesting and rewarding.

I have spent most of my life living around the east coast of Canada both as a child and a member of the Canadian Forces. Having also lived in France for five years in the past, I still find myself going very often to this country with my last visit lasting a whole 10 months staying in Toulouse working on ARZA STUDIO.

What the future holds for me I do not know. My first attempt at settling down concluded very badly so it is likely that I will be travelling and experiencing life for a while before I consider focusing both my activities and life again. The other “author” page you can read here is what was previously describing me in the context of this blog. Even if it is very gloomy and is no longer pertinent, it remains a vivid memory of a life I have now thankfully parted with. This state of mind having had a decisive influence on everything that was published on this blog back then, I plan on keeping it available for a readership that would like to get a deeper understanding of those past texts.